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Post by Queen Sovenvul on Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:41 pm

1.Please respect each other.
2. Do not diss, complain, or curse at the map, download time, or each other.
3. Please do not share the map. I made it for this rp only.
4. Do not fight with me based on the rules.{Long story ask me later.}
5. Do not randomly say something like; "AH! A ALIEN IS ATTACKING!" IF that is not part of the rp.
6. Be active, maybe every four or five days. If you need to be off for school{like me} then tell me. If you can't be online during the week. Tell me.
7. Have fun.

Rules -IC

1. Please do not cross borders excessively.
2. Do not bother loners outside of the borders.
3. Pups may not leave camp without an adult, and even then not too far.
4. Lower ranks may not leave without a higher rank.
5. King and Queen's word is law.
6. Do not bring in old fights from previous packs.
7. Have fun.

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