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Post by Queen Sovenvul on Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:06 pm

The Dark Elements

Dark light Manipulation - Creates/controls the darkest of Lights
Dark Wind Manipulation - Controls the most dangerous of winds.
Fraxikinesis - Manipulate burnt matter
Black Earth manipulation - Controls the most dangerous of natural powers.
Hell-fire manipulation - Controls unsacred fires from the pits of hell{If you believe in that sort of thing. Super dangerous fire.}
Dark Water manipulation - Creates/controls the most dangerous of waters.
Umbrakinesis - Controls shadows.
Animated Shadow - Animates one/others shadows.
Light Absorption - Self explanatory, takes in light.
Night Vision - Self explanatory
Shadow mimicry -Mimics a shadow, often becoming one.
Shadow Camouflage - blends in with any shady area no matter the pelt color.
Black Lightning Manipulation - Controls the most dangerous of electricity.
Dark Plant manipulation - Controls violent and dangerous plants.
Toxikinesis - Controls Poison {Extremely rare. Ask me/Davarakin before placing with character}

The Neutral Elements

Aerokinesis -manipulate the air, wind, and gas.
Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind currents.
Air Mimicry - transform into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist.
Atmokinesis - manipulate the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.
Deoxygenation - suck up all the oxygen from a place.
Lung Adaptation - breath anywhere
Wind Generation - create blasts of air.

Geokinesis - control, manipulate, and reshape the earth at will.
Atmokinesis - control and manipulate the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.
Crystallokinesis - manipulate minerals and crystals.
Dehydration - absorb/repel all water.
Ferrokinesis... manipulate metal at will.
Geo-Thermokinesis - manipulate, control, and create lava, magma and volcanoes.
Golem Creation - make golems out of inanimate materials like rocks, wood, plants, magma, etc.
Granulation... can turn things into sand.
Halokinesis - control and manipulate salt.
Hyalokinesis - control and manipulate glass.
Koniokinesis - manipulate and control dust particles.
Naturakinesis - manipulate and control the powerful forces of nature itself.
Plassikinesis - manipulate and control all forms of plastic.
Psammokinesis - can control and manipulate sand.
Terrakinesis - control, manipulate and alter/reshape the surrounding terrain and landscape at will.
Terraportation - teleport via the earth and earth-based materials.

Pyrokinesis - create, control and manipulate fire, flame and heat.
Atmokinesis - control and manipulate the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.{Rare}
Fire Breathing - breathe out flames.
Geo-Thermokinesis - manipulate lava, magma and volcanoes.
Heliokinesis - manipulate and control the sun and sunlight.
Inflammation - burn things.
Melting - heat molecules to melt things.
Plasmakinesis - can control plasma.
Pyrotechnics - create fireworks.
Self-Detonation - explode self and reform.{Rare}
Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.

Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form.
Aquatic Adaptation - adapted to underwater living.
Aquatic Respiration - breathe underwater.
Atmoskinesis- control and manipulate the various aspects of the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.
Dehydration - absorb water.
Hydroportation - teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
Water Mimicry - turn into liquid water.

Quintessence Force -Can generate whitish-blue lightning that also contains pure life energy.
Electrokinesis - control, generate or absorb electric fields and shoot lightning bolts.
Activation & Deactivation - turn stuff on and off.
Positron Manipulation - control positrons, the antimatter counterpart to electrons.
Electrical Absorption - absorb electricity.
Electric Mimicry -transform entire body into a lightning-like being of pure elcetrical energy
Electrical Transportation - teleport with lightning.

Cryokinesis - control ice, snow and other forms of frozen water.
Freeze Breath - freeze things in solid ice.
Freezing - lower the temperature in kinetic atoms to freezing temperatures.
Frigokinesis - control snow either as precipitation or already on the ground.
Ice Beam - shoot beams of freezing energy.
Ice Generation

Photokinesis - create and manipulate pure light.
Force-Field Generation - create protective shields of solid photons.
Invisibility - be unseen.
Laser Emission - bend light wavelengths to create lasers.
Light Absorption -absorb the light around you.
Light Generation - emit blinding light or glow in the dark.
Light Mimicry - take on the traits of light.
Photoportation - Teleport by using photons.
Projective Invisibility - turn other things invisible.
Evil Banish - Rid and banish all spirits of evil and black magic.
Light Manipulation

Chlorokinesis - generate and control plants.
Bibliokinesis - create and manipulate books
Dendrokinesis - manipulate wood
Ecological Empathy - feel state of nature.
Plant Empathy - sense the feelings of plants.
Florakinesis - create and manipulate flowers
Mycokinesis - create and manipulate fungi
Nature Enhancement - heal nature´╗┐
Papyrokinesis - create and manipulate paper
Plant Growth - accelerate plant growth

Divine Elements{Super Rare}

Divine Winds Manipulation - create and control heavenly winds.
Sacred Earth Manipulation - Create, manipulate, control, reshape divine earth minerals.
Holy Fire Manipulation - Generate and control flames of Heaven.
Holy Water Manipulation - create, manipulate and control graceful waters.
Sacred Darkness - create holy darkness.
Divine Lightning Manipulation - create and control the brightest lightning.
Holy Light Manipulation - create sacred light from the divine.

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