Kingdom of Dreibwyn

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Kingdom of Dreibwyn

Post by Queen Sovenvul on Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:32 pm

Kingdom of Dreibwyn

kingdom of Dreibwyn is lead by their strong Independent leader: Queen Sovenvul. Sovenvul created the kingdom after living a life of solitude as a loner. She was thrown out of her birth pack due to the strange happenings that occurred whenever she became moody. Due to this unfair treatement, Sovenvul sought to bring together those that controlled things around them with magic. Those with lighter tendencies that is.


Dreibwyn wolves generally control the elements of light. A couple exceptions, including Queen Sovenvul, control darker elements. Pelt color does not determine elemental abilities. The wolves will often try to solve problems in a sort of peaceful manner, but they will jump to fight if necessary. Dreibwyn wolves are strategists and are very well informed off topics. Many Dreibwyn's understand both the light elements and the dark elements.


Dreibywn wolves are different in colorization. They do not necessarily have to have a light colored pelt to control a light element. Realistic colors must be used as a base. Secondary colors can be a dull color but no neons please.
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